Destiny believes in the collective power of unity, community, and loving thy neighbor. That’s why we’ve poured so much into ours.

Destiny wants to empower families, build leaders, unify communities, heal the broken, defend the silent, and bless the masses. With the partnership of our community, business leaders, and local officials, we’ve been able to become a House of Blessing for the region.

During COVID-19, Destiny has been an essential service to the community.

COVID-19 has been devastating to businesses, families, and the local community. We’ve created a network of dozens of organizations to provide clothing, food, and toiletries to hundreds of residents.

Helping people during a devastating time


Families Serviced in Placer County


Masks Donated to VA Hospitals


Non-Profits Partnered With

Pastor Greg & Kathy launched the Destiny Community Center, giving millions of dollars in free resources.

The Community Center was built to be a free center for education, arts, and family resources. With classes, workshops, tutoring and programs, we’ve reached over 200,000 people through our building.

Destiny Community Center partners with 47+ schools to provide essential programs to the families and students.

We’ve partnered with dozens of schools in our region to provide proms, campus-clubs, after-school programs, tutoring, resources for the faculty, and more! Over 982 events have been hosted and funded by Destiny Church.

We've committed $500,000 to build a school and feeding center in the slums of Ecuador.

Four years ago, we partnered with Yvonne & Henry Smith to build a school for Guayaquil, Ecuador to give hundreds of children access to education that would otherwise not have it.


Total Given in Resources to the Community

Ways we've helped communities

  • Given over 29,000 Bikes to local families in need
  • Distributed over 60,000 pounds of food
  • Gifted 15,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to students
  • Collected and donated 14,000 articles of clothing
  • 2,000+ Events & After-School Club Events
  • $500,000 to build a school in Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • $4,000,000 in free events to the community