Our church doors are open and we're gathering on Sundays!


We are witnessing the greatest awakening in the Church in our history. In the midst of a pandemic, social unrest, and division – the Church has the opportunity the be a house of healing for the community. On July 19th, we made the decision to re-open our doors to provide essential spiritual and benevolent care to our community. Join us on Sundays at 9am or 11am to worship, be encouraged, and leave changed.

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Our Reason

The Church is an essential function of the Body of Christ and the local community in which they exist. In this moment of fear and hopelessness, it is the Church that provides the hope an healing.

Our Process

To keep capacity at a manageable threshold, we ask everyone to register in advance to reserve seats in one of our two venue options: our main sanctuary, and our Atrium, a video venue with increased social distancing options.

Safety Measures

Our desire is to create a safe space for everyone that walks in our doors. We santize the venues before, in-between, and after each gathering, and take temperatures of each person before entering.

Your Rights

We believe it is the individuals right to make decisions on how to best protect themselves and their families. We encourage masks and social distancing, but it is the individuals opportunity on how to best practice those measures. We do offer a secondary venue, the Atrium, with increased social distancing measures.